So what exactly do you do?

– As it pertains to sneakers, we can pretty much make anything. We buy sneakers at the store and take them apart, then rebuild them to our specifications.


If I want a custom pair done, what are my options for sneakers?

– The models we’ve done in the past are: Nike Dunk Low, Nike Dunk Mid, Nike Dunk High, Nike AF1 Low, Nike AF1 Mid, Nike AF1 High, Air Jordan I High, Nike Vandal High, Nike Court Low, Nike Free Mercurial Superfly, Adidas Stan Smith, Adidas Samba, Adidas Top Ten Hi, Converse All-Star Lo, Converse All-Star Hi.

We can also create unique silhouettes.
Please inquire if you have a design for a sneaker that we have not listed.


Why won’t you make *insert sneaker name here*?

– The majority of the time, we just don’t have the capacity or equipment to make certain pairs of sneakers. If it’s possible to make, or we have made it in the past (such as a Adidas Crazy 1), it may be that we are just not comfortable enough with making that style for a customer, or just prefer not to make that style again. The only Air Jordan model we will work on is the AJ I. We will not work on any other Air Jordan models for custom orders. Any pair on our site that is not listed as able to reproduce or not in the shop is NOT available. WE WILL NOT reproduce another customizer’s designs nor will we reproduce pre-existing Nike designs (Tiffany’s, Paris’s, etc.) in any capacity.


Why does everything look like you can buy it at any sneaker store?

– As sneaker artisans, that is our ultimate goal. We want to make sneakers that look like you bought them in the store, because we want you to go out and wear them with pride and when someone asks you where they can buy them at, we want you to be able to say that they were custom made especially for you and that you can’t buy them in stores (except maybe ours lol).


Why do they cost so much?

– Everyone has a price and ours is high because we value the craftsmanship of our work and we use premium and genuine materials to construct. Also, we offer an insane amount of customization and personalization that most people and companies cannot achieve or compete with. With a minimum labor time of 30 hours, and factoring in the cost of sourcing and acquiring materials and base sneakers, breaking costs down to hourly wages equate to what we feel is a fair price for a hand-crafted and extremely limited or one of a kind product.


Are the shoes on this site for sale?

– Unless they are posted in the shop, the shoes on the site are either personal pairs, customer orders, or samples and are not for sale. Some designs will be listed as “Able to Reproduce” and can be done on a made-to-order basis.


What does a typical custom pair cost?

– A made-to-order custom pair will start at a minimum of $1,000. A pre-produced or reproduced custom pair will start at a minimum of $750. An outsole conversion will start at a minimum of $350 and both shoes must be provided unless otherwise stated. All made-to-order products must be paid in full before started. Follow my instagram for periodic deals!


What’s the difference between a pre-produced custom sneaker, a reproduced custom sneaker, and a made-to-order custom sneaker?

– A pre-produced custom sneaker is something that we have already designed and made and is ready to be shipped out the moment they are paid for. A reproduced custom sneaker is a pair that we have previously designed and may be available in the shop to be reproduced on a made-to-order basis. A made-to-order custom is a pair that can be designed by you with assistance from us, with whatever additional custom design elements you would like added. Purchases will take a minimum of 10-12 weeks to produce unless otherwise stated.


Why won’t you make my custom the way I want it?

– We don’t consider what we do a business, but rather, an art. If we feel a design compromises our artistic integrity or is not in sync with our brand identity and design aesthetics, then we simply will not do it. As you can see from our previous work, we DO have a wide scope, but the main rule we follow is that if it’s something that we would not personally wear then we won’t make it.


Is what you do legal? What does Nike say?

– Yes. Provided we buy authentic product (which we will always do) and don’t compromise the integrity of the design or trademark of the brand, nor market the sneaker as our own product and only market is a customized product, then everything we do is fine. Think about what we do as akin to what people do to street cars like in the movie “Fast and the Furious.” They take cars and strip them down, sometimes to as little as the chassis, and re-build and customize them with exotic body kits, paint jobs, and engines while still maintaining the general characteristics of the design. Essentially, this is what we do but with sneakers.


Why do you reconstruct as opposed to other methods of customization?

– We prefer to reconstruct sneakers because it gives us the maximum ability to provide endless customizations.


Do you supply the sneakers or should I?

– We will provide the base sneakers which are included with the price of each custom. Each sneaker will be brand new and 100% authentic.


How long does it take?

– Labor time can take anywhere from 30-100 hours, but designs can take years to develop. When we commit to making a pair, it has to be made the best way we know it can be made before we will let it leave our workshop. You can usually expect a finished pair in 10-12 weeks. We offer the service of customization between our real life jobs and commitments. Each pair can be captured in step by step developments so that the customer may monitor the progression.


Why are you unable to reproduce so many of your designs?

– There are several reasons why we cannot produce certain designs. Sometimes, we run out of material and cannot obtain it again. Also, some designs are test models and are meant for exhibition only. Mostly, we only like to make certain designs once to keep the exclusivity and to ensure that the customer will be only person with that pair.


Can I play sports in your sneakers?

– Our sneakers are meant for casual wear. Sure, you could play sports or go for a run in them (we have), but they might not hold up as well as or for as long as current technological and sports-specific footwear. Enjoy your sneakers, but take care of them.


Can I wear them in the rain?

– Yes, but they will get wet, and try not to step in puddles. There are rare times in which we will have sneakers available for sale that have been painted in some capacity and in those cases we will recommend that you should NOT wear them in the rain and avoid getting them wet altogether.


What forms of payments do you accept?

– We accept payments via Paypal or any major Credit Card.


How much is shipping? How do you ship?

– Shipping is free for any sneaker orders from the U.S.! All shipping from 3R is done through USPS Priority Mail. All sneakers are double-boxed. International purchases from the shop will either be invoiced for an additional shipping charge or the order may be canceled.


Do you offer refunds?

– Sorry, but at this time, because all of our products are custom made, unless there is a defect found in production and the shoes have not been worn, we will not offer any refunds.